Texas Is Burning

Texas Is Burning 02/11/2012 Bob Mullany

Texas is burning but they’ll never learn
The rivers brought life -- will thy ever return ?
Hubris is toxic as the governor prays
Let  thew drillers and frackers all have their way
Bugs in the mountains are eating the trees
A change in  the climate spread them like disease
The trees become kindling just needing a spark
As the flames rise like specters igniting the dark

DIngos are drowning grain's floodidng the streets
We’re shocked every time that the story repeats
The world, it get’s warmer, the storms, they grow strong
Farms turn to deserts as summers grows long

Fires and hurricanes,monsoons and droughts ,
Big money sow lies with a new crop of doubts
Babies are starving 'neath the African sun
Mothers abused while the kids carry guns

Christians hate Muslins, Muslims hate Jews
Hate is like breathing, not something gyou choose
China needs water, Malaysia is sinking
It'll only grow worse 'til we change our own thinking

Money buys power, power buys truth,
Both are illusions in your voting booth
Justice is blind - it's been paid in advance
Then they all call it freedom
But you don't  stand a chance

Texas is burning, now admit what we did
We’re destroying  the world that we leave for our kids

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