Dark Goddess

What if you could love a Goddess, what if chance  sent you her  way

Dark Goddess

That’s the story of love, love don’t  come cheap
It can be easy to find but it’s so hard to keep
You’ve got o watch out for trouble , ‘cause trouble don’t sleep

And that’s about the story of love

Bob Mullany- Dark Goddess

Another Sad Love Song

It was just another casual encounter
The liquor worked well and loosened our tongues
Conversation came easily but just as easily forgotten
But got colder and staler while the night was still young

They were seasoned old fighters
They called it a draw, not a punch had been thrown
We both knew the odds with an easy one-nigtter 
It was better than spending the cold night alone

Then come lay your body down

Play them if you got ‘em, if you hit the bottom,
Don’t let it get you down 
Let's go out go out for dinner, maybe it's a winner
Then come lay your body down
Come lay your body down come lay your body down