First Time

First Time Bob Mullany 2/2/2012

I left your place an hour ago
The glow of love still lingers
I touched your breasts, your sigh said yes
beneath my trembling fingers
With waves of bliss our bodies kissed
We felt our muscles tightening
We shared the wonder, going under
The thunder and the lightning
Love delivered, we shared shivers
Barriers were broken
When love was done we lay there stunned
Not one word had been spoken

You loved me subtle, loved me sweet
You loved me fresh and fragile
Love took us down an easy street
Our first time felt so natural
We’ve had a taste, come to my place
And I’ll return the favor
I’ve had a lick and found out quickly
You’re my favorite flavor
Where our love goes our hearts will know
And time will just improve it
I do attest I love you best
give me the chance to prove it

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