Darkness © 4-12-2009 Bob Mullany

I never dreamed such darkness was within me
I never dreamed the world could be so bleak
I never dreamed how harshly it could spin me
-That I could be so vulnerable and weak

I never dreamed life could be so distasteful
I'd spurn you when you offered me your hand
I'n not myself, my actions were disgraceful
I should have known that you would understand

I feel better now, I've been well medicated
Somehow it gets me through the day alive
I'm somewhere between wired and sedated
My darkness has a strong will to survive

Thank you for your empathy and friendship
Thanks for your compassion and concern
The darkness we have known provides some kinship
It's lessons leave a mark we both discern

Dark and deep's the hole that I fell into
Dark and deep's the likely end for me
Dark and deep's the hell that I have been through
Heaven still holds hope, but fragilely
Still darkness makes it difficult to see...
Jesus, pour your mercy,
Jesus, pour your mercy,
Jesus, pour your mercy over me...

1 comment:

  1. "The best cure for worry, depression, melancholy, brooding, is to go deliberately forth and try to lift with one's sympathy the gloom of somebody else."
    -Arnold Bennett