Dark Goddess

Dark Goddess © 2/25/2008 Bob Mullany

What if you could love a goddess, what if chance sent her your way ?
You don’t even have to win her, she just gives her love away
You should heed these words of warning as she leads you to your room,
Beneath her beauty burns a fire that can never be consumed.
She embraces you and darkness flows in rivers from her skin,
And you'll drown within those shadows 'til she brings you up again.
She'll give you all you ever wanted, as a vessel for your lust
But it leaves her feeling hollow as the illusion turns to dust

Many men who’ve come before you have come craving her embrace
Few return to drink more deeply, are they content with just a taste ?

Inspired by "Hades and Persephone" by Jessica Creech
Or do they fear their dark desire, or the distance in her eyes ?
Still, like Icarus, they get careless as she urges them to fly.
As her own eternal fire melts their waxen wings in flight,
They will plunge into the darkness, and be swallowed by the night,
Then they wake up in the morning, in a cold and empty room,
Their mouths taste of spent desire, and all their passion's been consumed

Yes, she’s lovely as a goddess, but it doesn't mask the pain,
She learned early of deceit, and what can never be regained,
How evil men abuse a child in such shameful, evil ways,
They unlock in her a demon who then locks her heart away,
Now, she's damned to give men pleasure, and yet never quench her thirst,
Real love was the one elixir that could free her from her curse,
Many men have come to use her, they all have their tales to tell,
Not one pure heart was among them that could break the demon's spell.

She plied the fire of her anger and she forged a deadly knife
Then she cried out to the demon " Free me from this wretched life !"
He said, "The lovers you've embraced have all been branded with my mark,
You and they are bound to serve me in the kingdom of the dark"
She feigned begging for his mercy, meekly offered him her prize,
As he roughly took his pleasure, her deep darkness filled his eyes,
When his passion had been spent, her dusky shadows brought him rest,
Then she freed her captive heart, and drove her knife into his chest.

Dawn comes to the goddess, and awakes her from the night
And her sweet face smiles serenely, bathed in golden morning light,
For the demon's curse is broken, and the fire is consumed,
And with his kingdom conquered, love is finally free to bloom.
But when the last of leaves are falling, and the cold winds howl and moan,
She will journey to the netherworld, and be welcomed to her throne
She seeks solace in the shadows that the sun has never seen
Where the old minions of the demon now pay homage to their queen.

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  1. “People out there must be told about the self-loathing that follows rape and how it's the greatest breakage in divine law to mutilate themselves, as I have done.”
    -Tori Amos