Lilac Trees

Lilacs     - Bob Mullany  7-1-2012

The sweetest scent you’ll ever know
Is when the purple lilacs bloom
A fortnight then they fade  away
The scent is gone, the blossoms doomed

Rebecca Lee, Rebecca Lee
I’m off to see what I  can see
I’ll return when lilacs bloom
Then I’ll ask you to marry me

From the mountains of the north
I rode the Hudson to the sea
The churning waters made me ill
A seaman’s life was not for me

A banker’s suit won’t suit me well
A banker I will never be
They prey upon the common man
That’s not the kind  of man I’ll be

Rebecca Lee, Rebecca Lee
These cities aren’t the life for me
The Adirondacks call me home
To forests  and sweet lilac trees

My road is long but I push on  
I know my journey wears on you
I’ll see you soon when lilacs bloom
Their scent will point the way to you

I yearn to  see Rebecca Lee
But first I visit  mother’s home
As  one who never travelled far
She’s loves to hear of where I roamed

Mother  frowned when I declared
I’m off to see Rebecca Lee
She said, “son, life can change so quick
Like blooms upon the  lilac tree

You’ve been away a longish time
Rebecca’s lovely as can be
Many a suitor came around
Soon one will wed Rebecca Lee”

Rebecca Lee, Rebecca Lee,
I was so blind I failed to see
My quest’s a dream that’s mine alone
Your own dreams had no room for me

Here’s to love that might have been
To love now that will never be
I felt the need to see the world
And so I lost Rebecca Lee

Many a man has gone away
Far beyond familiar trees
Many more build a life at home
and live their life quite happily

The choice is yours and then endures
But all have their own  choice, you see
Here’s the rub, you may be snubbed
Just like I lost Rebecca Lee

The years  have passed, I’ve settled down
I have my own fine family
We own our own small candle shop
Our favorite  scent is lilac trees

Folks come out to see old friends
As purple lilacs welcome spring  
They shun the heat and hide away  
For summer’s just around the bend

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