Waiting On Epiphany

Waiting on Epiphany Bob Mullany 2/3/2012

When I was just a little kid
I read about Apocalypse
A Catholic boy out in the woods
In search of revelation
Nothing really happened though
I never felt a saintly glow
I never learned what angels know
And not one holy vision

Still, I was one of Sister’s best
Got 90 plus on every test
Worked hard on perfect penmanship
To meet her expectations
I learned about God’s golden book
I wished that I could have a look
It tallied every sin
From genocide to masturbation

High school was a different tale
Our nights were fueled by Molson’s Ale
We’re lucky we stayed out of jail
With our bad reputations
We drove past tobacco barns
As farmyard dogs howled their alarms
We howled right back, safe in the arms
Of sweet intoxication

Then there came our college days
Weed and wine and purple haze
Tripped out nights and angry days
Streets filled with demonstrations
Tribal chants and guitar jams
Trade school kids in Vietnam
Our old best friend’s lifeless face
Brought it’s own revelations

But just like all our parents did
We settled down and had some kids
Left our old trangressions hid
We left the hippie nation
For mortgages and credit cards
Three piece suits and greener yards
Ideals died, it’s not so hard
With four weeks of vacation

Now our body’s gotten old
Our memory’s shot if truth be told
Still we bet on the Super Bowl
So much for revolution
With screwed in teeth and metal knees
Diabetes, heart disease
We pray the Lord will give us peace
and a chance at absolution

I think of Sister Aggie D
And of her holy balance sheet
Wil forgiveness be complete
By way of extreme unction
I've always failed to understand
Or keep faith in a larger plan
Forgive me, God, I’m just a man
Who's faith somehow malfunctioned

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