Red Giant

Red Giant   2/8/2012      Bob Mullany

They all hate to think about it, politicians claim to doubt it
But the sun is going to kill them all someday
It should come as no surprise their dying star will supersize
and everything is going to die ’cause they’ll be vaporized away

In about a billion years they should be getting out of here
Hitching rides from asteroids to break away
Or sun’s gravity will grab them they’ll close classrooms and their labs then
And the lab rats and sun scientists will all be blown away
All amoebas and earth’s viruses, cab drivers and psychiatrists
Will have some very hot and thirsty days

Just like climate and pollution, should have found some good solutions
Still they come to Me still thinking they can pray it all away
They should simply understand that the whole sun will keep expanding
There ’ll be 7 billion years or so of deathly quiet days

Trade your hydrogen for helium, they’ll all miss the delirium
I’ll talk like a cartoon chipmunk as the angels laugh away
Then we’ll put aside hilarity, unleash a singularity
at a speed that nears infinity a universe away

I say, By Me, no need to worry, we made earth in a quite a hurry
I think people were the problem from the start
From the first I came to doubt ‘em,  we'll make an earth without ‘em
We’ll have more dinosaurs and mammals won’t evolve to be so smart

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