Best Intentions

Best Intentions Bob Mullany 12/3/2010

We started with the best intentions way back in the day
We each had our own intervention to help us on our way
You saved me from a wretched life
I gave you love, became your wife
Now should I wield a pruning knife and cut that all away ?
Do you still want me to stay ?

We started as two damaged youths at sweet salvation’s door
Opened with the keys of truth and still we search for more
But you see me through prison bars
Why does it have to be so hard
Why are we so insecure ?
How much must I endure ?

We started full of inspiration - our faith, my songs, your books
Now why such doubt and hesitation - are you afraid to look ?
Our precious kids,
Your artful wife
Your martyr’s disregard for life
Oh, the energy it took !
Are your answers in your books ?

We started on a journey, we shared it’s many turns
I stand now at the crossroad and I struggle to discern
Have you lost your inner voice,
That used to make your soul rejoice
Do you wrestle with some vexing choice
Does your fire for me still burn ?
Tell me, when will you return ?

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