Bella Roma

Bella Roma 2/5/2012 Bob Mullany

I feel close to ancient history and far away from home
I felt humbled as we stumbled through the ancient sights of Rome
I ask for some directions but nobody understands
They shrug and speak Italian, put some
pizza in my hand

We drank champagne with breakfast, limoncello with our lunch
Some wine is fine at any time if you’re past early brunch
Seven courses later you’ll be stuffed like a cannoli
With fish and meats, some salads, sweets, and tons of ravioli

We went down to the Vatican to check out the museum
You have to wait for 40 days as penance just to see ‘em
I paid someone to cut in line and ease our aggravation
He only spoke Italian, and got lost in the translation
I cried I think that we’ve been conned, he’s vanished with my money
The other tourists in the line all found it pretty funny

We heard the pope would venture out and walk the city streets
 We bought vino and sputino and we found ourselves some seats
But a storm rained down, the cardinals frowned, the papal bus was summoned
You’d think the pope has inside dope but he never saw it comin

Such a lovely place, with lovely faces, gorgeous squares and fountains
From the seaside in Sperlonga, and the Alban’s ancient mountains
From Peter’s dome we viewed old Rome in the shadows of the gloaming
Yes, we loved the art , but what breaks our heart is to leave these lovely Romans


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