Daddy's Daughter

Daddy’s Daughter © 4/9/2011 Bob Mullany Fm

He’s been stalking her, she's an easy prey
And tonight she will discover
He’s a clever boy, he tells clever lies
“God wants us to be lovers”
So here she lies, and tries not to cry
She's a lamb who's led to slaughter
As innocence dies he enjoys her cries
Now she's not her daddy’s daughter

On a pitch black night, with no moon in sight
The ceremony’s ended
Now she's gone too far and she can’t go back
Her wound cannot be mended
As he rose and fell it hurt like hell
She was drowning in deep water
As he felt the rush on his final thrust
Now she's not her daddy’s daughter

As he drives her home in the dead of night
It’s like he never knew her
He doesn’t speak, as the music blares
Why does he look right through her ?
She's on her own in the danger zone
'Cause her mother never taught her
It’s nothing like she dreamed about
Now she's not her daddy’s daughter

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