I'm So Over You

I'm So Over You © 5/17/2008 Bob Mullany

I'm so over you, you're so under me
You're like this little speck below me I can barely see
What's that you're saying, dear ?
You're words are so unclear
My mind's a million miles away
While you're still standing here
How can you even dare to ask me if I care ?
No, I care more about some people that I've never met at all
'Cause I'm so over you

Yes, I'm so over you I can't recall your name
But it's not me - you really only have yourself to blame
Why can't you understand
I was your perfect man
We were the perfect pair, with a perfect life,
Living out my perfect plan
But now you've blown it all, why even try to call ?
I'd rather talk with some old dead girl who was buried years ago
'Cause I'm so over you

I'm so over you, yes, I'm the boss of you
And I demand that you be banned from acting like you do
Don't ever come around
Don't even make a sound
Go hide away in some big hole and burrow deeper underground
Your problems can't be solved,
Somehow you have devolved
Now, some amoebas are less feeble than the strongest part of you
That's why I'm over you

I'm so over you, yes, I'm superior
Even a fool like you can see that you're inferior
So show me more respect
Get down and genuflect
If you should choose to worship me,
You can start your own sect
But I'm still warning you, not even that will do
If you got God to take your side I'd question His good judgement too
'Cause I'm so over you
Yes, I'm so over you
God, I'm so over over over over you !

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  1. "My Karma ran over your dogma."