Dreaming - Bob Mullany © 1975 (Key of C)

And so the heartache has begun,
and the dream goes unfulfilled,
What once seemed so predestined
has become a test of wills.
It seems we never could control
The changes as they came,
But no one ever asked for them
So no one can be blamed.
-It’s a lesson to be learned,
It’s the hardest one I know,
When life treats you with such disregard,
But the dream won’t let you go.

Dreaming...(could we be dreaming our lives away)
Dreaming…(and keeping hope alive another day)
It’s so easy to just close your eyes
When you find you love someone
That you no longer recognize
And you begin to realize
you’ve been dreaming…

We were such a pretty pair
As we walked along the beach
I assumed you always would be there
‘Till you were out of reach
Now we’re lost amid the crowd
As we carry on alone
We should cry but we’re so proud
We let time turn our hearts to stone
And it seems our love’s been spurned
As we go our separate ways
And the love we felt so clearly
Seems to vanish in the haze...

Dreaming...( Have we been dreaming our lives away)
Dreaming... (and keeping hope alive another day)
It’s so easy to just close our eyes
When we find you love someone
That we no longer recognize
And we began to realize we've been dreaming…

And so that’s how the story goes
but that’s not how the story ends…
While life goes on, the dream endures
And the dreamer can pretend
Another place, another time
And the story will resume
For two lonely prisoners of love
Locked away in separate rooms and …

Dreaming (are will still dreaming our lives away)
Dreaming, (and keeping hope alive another day)
Now I've finally opened up my eyes
And the dream is finally through
Honey, is that really you
Or am I dreaming ?

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  1. "Men of ill judgment oft ignore the good
    that lies within their hands, till they have lost it."