Your Mother's Mother's Eyes

Your Mother’s Mother’s Eyes

Oh, to see your mother’s mother
Trace the paths of mythic tales
So strong and bright and erudite
Her words set ships of faith to sail
These ancient walls looked on a man
His humble flock declared divine
He healed by simple acts of love,
And led their light of hope to shine

Your mother’s mother’s stories touched
The pilgrims with their ring of truth
She shared her seeds of faith and wisdom
With the humble heart of Ruth
A long life as a faithful servant,
Embracing age with peace and grace
A glow of love and kind contentment
Lights your mother’s mother’s face

As you know I’ve been a seeker
My faith’s a fickle guest at best
You gathered up my seeds of doubt
Then put my doubting to the test
Not all questions yield an answer
Some deep secrets stay concealed
Your eyes , just like your mother’s mother’s,
say trust, and all will be revealed

3/15/2012 Bob Mullany

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