Part of The Plan

Part of the Plan Bob Mullany 11/30/2011

I worked at the factory
Brazing bike frames endlessly
You worked in the grocery
Pricing rows of cans
We met on Independence Day
It’s so ironic in many ways
‘Cause ever since we met that day
We started making plans

Like dreams those were our golden years
We never feared what others feared
You blessed me with your happy tears
When I asked for your hand
We married in the early fall
Hung out at the union hall
Raised a family, all in all
It was all part of the plan

We had two children, Ray and Sam
Ray did a tour in Vietnam
He didn’t know his life was damned
Like some doomed soldiers can
They poisoned all the land and trees
To drive the peasants out , you see
The chemicals that spread disease
Were all part of the plan

Generals send men off to die
And don’t explain the reasons why
If questions come , deny deny
No need to understand
Our leaders move their little pawns
Despite the folly they push on
How many people’s lives are gone
That were’nt part of the plan
There is no comfort in our tears
We failed to see what others feared
Our lives are filled with bitter tears
And I’m a bitter man
Still deep within the Pentagon
Clever plots are planned upon
As new young soldiers play the pawn
It’s all part of the plan

Ray had a long and painful end
Forgotten by his oldest friends
You never cared for life since then
You couldn’t understand
The priest comes for your final rites
I swear you reach out for the light
I pray you both defeat the night
And it’s all part of the plan

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