Do The Nothing

Do The Nothing 2/9/2012 Bob Mullany

You came a’ knocking, people, it’s your last chance
I’m gonna teach you all an ancient dance
Before some genius had invented pants
We all can do it , but we can’t do something
So do the Nothing

First you’ll dress up in your Sunday best
Lie back and fold your hands across your chest
Relax your body so you stop wigglin’
then stop your breathin ’ so you stop gigglin’
you all can do it - unless it’s something
Yeah, do the Nothing

Lie really quiet so you look composed
Don’t breathe with your mouth
Don’t breathe through your nose
Come on and try it
But remember one thing
- it’s really nothing
Yeah do the Nothing

You can’t stand up, but, then you can’t sit down
taste the hors d’oeurvres, or text your friends in town
One more thing, honey - you don’t need money

You can’t do something, so just slow it down
Thought you had one thing
“cause nothing’s funny
You may die laughing cause it’s just so stunning

It’s all over, honey

So, do the Nothing

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