A Child Who Never Was

Never Was © 4/2/2010 Bob Mullany

I am a child who never was
My daddy went away to war
And so I never was conceived
I can't say what the war was for
It's hard for me to understand
My mother wed another man
And had a boy who wasn't me
And so that was the end of me
I am a child who never was

I am a child who barely was
Just a while - it wasn't long
My mom, she missed her period
She knew that I did not belong
She'll be in college two more years
And so she made me disappear
My dad denied he was the man
Just one of many one night stands
I am a child that barely was

I am a child that shouldn't be
My mother just dropped out of school
She really doesn't care for me
She just thought it sounded cool
She beats me when I cry too much
I've never known a tender touch
She turns some tricks to buy some crack
i fear one day she won't come back
I am a child that shouldn't be

Conception is an act of war
When it's intent is genocide
Strattegic rape can kill a race
Mixed blood brings tribal suicide
It's hard for us to understand
Man will conceive such evil plans
Self-righteous, they pray fervently
That God strike down their enemy
I am a child of bigotry

New life can be a cause for joy
But it isn't always so
Life at times can be destroyed
And never have a chance to grow
To some it's always black and white
It's easy to see wrong from right
Make a choice but think it through
The answer should be right for you
I never had a chance because
I am a child who never was

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