A Moment In Time

A Moment in Time C capo 6th fret (G form)

G Em Bm
A baby is born, a mother in tears
Dm C
From the pain and the joy and the hopes and the fears
Cm (3) G
Mother and child, husband and wife
E Am
Sharing this wonderful moment in life
Cm (1)
Yes, our lives are defined
By these moments in time

G Em Bm
Children, they grow, make their mistakes,
Dm C
But in the end they will learn what it takes
Cm(3) G
Then they’re ready to go and make their own way
E Am Cm(1)
Never knowing if this is the day that their path is defined
By a moment in time

C Bm
Then strangers will meet, it could be fate
Dm C
They may not remember the time or the date
Cm(3) G
But something has changed, an ember ignites
E Am
And over time it’s burning so bright
That their love is defined
By a moment in time

A F#m
A moment in time, it could be now
C#m D
It takes but a moment exchanging a vow
Dm A
A moment in time but it means so much
F#m Bm
Like all of those moments our lives have been touched
Dm C#m
By someone we love or somebody new
Em (3) D
We learned to love and our lives are renewed
E(x)A(2)D(3)G(2) B(open)E(open) * E
It’s moments like this when our life is defined
A A(5) A(9)
By a moment in time

I don’t know what to call the chord in the next to the last line so I indicated where my fingers are. It’s a really pretty sounding chord in this context whatever it is.

© 2/26/2007 Bob Mullany

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  1. "Marriage is like a bank account. You put it in, you take it out, you lose interest."
    -Professor Irwin Corey