Legend In Your Own Mind

Legend G (capo 3 ) Bb

Go on and smile for the camera
It’s your reality show
No one’s ever gonna see it but the people you know
Still you feel that the deal is real and delivered and sealed and signed
Yeah, you’re always gonna be a legend in your own mind

Even when you were a young girl
You loved to play the part
You were strutting your stuff all over and breaking their hearts
And now you’re a woman as fine as any woman that a fella could find
I’m not surprised you’re acting like a legend in your own time

You love to flirt with the fellas
And it drives them wild
When you walk like a woman but you talk like a child
In return you’ve learned already that they’re ready to be better than kind
Yeah, they treat you just like you’re a legend in their own minds

I heard you’re headed for the city
And I’m wishing you luck
Just remember that the city, it can hit you like a runaway truck
Read the signs ‘cause you’re in it ev’ry minute don’t you ever go blind
They may not know that you’re gonna be a legend in their own time

Still, there’s a lot of opportunity
In the place you are
You’ll find somewhere, somehow, someway, you’re finally gonna be a star
And when you smile for the cameras
On your reality show
I’ll tell my buddies you remind me of somebody that I used to know.

© Bob Mullany 7-21-2006 .

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  1. From "The Hills" :
    Stephanie: [About Heidi and Spencer] "They just like conflict in their lifes. It's like drama follows them."
    Lauren: "I don't know if it follows as much as they chase it."