I Haven't Got the Strength

I Haven't Got the Strength 7/3/2009 Bob Mullany

Twenty years and more now I been workin for the man
I take it easy now and then, I'm sure you understand
Boss say, " You may think you're smart
but I'm a little smarter
I'll be leavin' early, stay and work a little harder"

I just haven't got the strength
No, I just haven't got the strength
God knows I haven't got the strength to carry on...

I called to tell my girl," I gotta work a little late"
She said, "I don't mind since I already have a date
Here's a clue, I'm through with you, you can say that you're retired
I'm sleeping with your boss, and by the way, he says you're fired !"

repeat chorus

I went to see my priest and told him all about my troubles
He winked at me, said, "Son, you see, I hate to burst your bubble,
I feel so bad, you lost your job, and your old lady too
But I been tapping that for years, God knows I'll miss her more than you ! "

repeat chorus
(Optional R-rated verse)

I went down to the hospital to visit my physician
He did some tests, said, "Get some rest, then call up the mortician"
"That can't be, it can't be me, I''m an old but I'm a goodie,
Though sometimes when the pressure's on
I can't quite get a woodie"

repeat chorus ( 3 times)

1 comment:

  1. "We all have strength enough to endure the misfortunes of others."
    -Francois de La Rochefoucauld