Divine Intervention

Divine Intervention Bob Mullany © 1-27-2009

I sought the truth since the days of my youth
When it all seemed so easy believing
Till the nuns and the priests showed the mark of the beast
And I learned they were bent on deceiving
Yes, I saw the light, and felt sure I was right
in discerning their evil intentions
For they knew in their hearts they were lost from the start
There would be no divine intervention

I saw evil run wild in a tortured young child
It defied any semblance of reason
Is it justice or karma that causes such harm
Does your god find such suffering pleasing ?
Is perfection a lie does god barely get by
It's a small thing they all failed to mention
And is satan the master of all he surveys
As he defies god's divine intervention

I put god on trial as you silently smiled
Until I'd voiced all my objections
Then you kicked down the bricks in the walls I had built
And my mind finally made the connection
You took control and you touched my sad soul
though faith seemed beyond my comprehension
'Til you opened the door and you prayed I'd be cured
And be saved by divine intervention

You believe in your truth with the clearness of youth
And I value your help in my healing
In my depths of despair a small light is still there
Tell me, whose light is this that I'm feeling ?
Is it god, is it you ,is it both, is it true ?
Much more than my heart seeks attention
There's some god in us all and you answered the call
Thank you for your divine intervention

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  1. "What can you say about a society that says that God is dead and Elvis is alive?"
    -Irv Kupcinet