Blues © Bob Mullany 12/5/2009

Blackbird sitting in a big old tree
Come to tell me that you don't love me
Sad wind moaning through the trees, through the trees
Hear it moaning through the trees
You gone and left me like a cool, cruel breeze

Blues in my coffee, blues in my beer
A sorrowful sight in my bedroom mirror
Big storm brought a lot of rain, lot of rain
Yeah, we got a lot of rain
You brought nothing but a world of pain

Blues in my pillow, blues in my bed
Blackbird cries when you're love's gone dead
Big Blue moon shining down, shining down
Blue moon shining down 
Shining on my baby, but she can’t be found

1 comment:

  1. "Like you and your woman ain't gettin' along and you're in love. You can't sleep at nights. Your mind is on her - on whatever. You know, that's the blues. You can't hug that money at night. You can't kiss it."
    -John Lee Hooker